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1st Annual Active and Passive RF Devices Seminar

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  • Location: Glasgow, UK
  • Conference date: 29 Oct. 2013
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-793-9
  • Conference number: 2013/004
  • The following topics are dealt with: active RF devices; passive RF devices; planar passive filters and multiplexers; nonplanar passive filters; passive circuit elements; transmission line elements; measurement methods; MEMS components; ferroelectric, ferrite and acoustic wave components; and RF nanotechnology.

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  • Applications of pseudospark produced electron beams in backward wave oscillators
  • 51% Efficient 50W Envelope Tracking Broadband RF Power Amplifier for 6MHz Bandwidth OFDM
  • A Quasi-optical mode converter for a w-band gyrotron traveling wave amplifier
  • Periodic-Surface-Lattices for MM-Wave Cherenkov Sources
  • MAGIC 3D simulation of starting oscillation process in a 42 GHz gyrotron
  • Exploring Ultra Low Noise Semiconductor devices
  • Numerical Simulations of a 4th Harmonic Cyclotron Maser based on the principle of Frequency Multiplication
  • Design and Small Signal Analysis of a 0.2THz Sheet Beam BWO Based on the Double Staggered Metallic Rod Array
  • Microscopic origins of Diamagnetic, Ferromagnetic and Paramagnetic Magnetization
  • Filterless Multi-band Location Receiver
  • An input coupler for a W-band Gyro-TWA
  • A W-band gyrotron traveling wave amplifier
  • The Development of Planar Gunn Diodes for the realisation of MMIC Oscillators
  • Electrical Circuit Models of the HF Initial Permeability Spectra of Soft Ferrite Lead to Revised Definition of Fundamental Material Properties
  • Schottky diode components for MetOp SG satellites
  • Components design and optimization for gyro-TWAs
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