24th IET Irish Signals and Systems Conference (ISSC 2013)

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  • Location: Letterkenny, Ireland
  • Conference date: 20-21 June 2013
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-754-0
  • Conference number: 2013/002
  • The following topics are dealt with: signal processing; ultrawideband antenna; cryptography; wireless communication; CMOS oscillators; engineering education; embedded systems; digital video watermarking; LTE systems; GPS; body area networks; and mobile phone sensor.

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  • Extraction of reliability indicators from large-scale, highly variable timing data of MEMS switches
  • Linearity vs. Power Consumption of CMOS LNAs in LTE Systems
  • A Simplified Approach to Perceptual Quality Adaptation of Multi-Dimensional Scalable Video
  • Vehicle Speed Estimation Using GPS/RISS (Reduced Inertial Sensor System)
  • Experimental evaluation of mobile phone sensors
  • Reliable System Design with a High Degree of Diagnostic Procedures for Embedded Systems
  • Wireless Sensed Environment for Body Area Networks
  • Ghostbusters: A Parts-based NMF algorithm
  • Robust Digital Video Watermarking using Reversible Data Hiding and Visual Cryptography
  • Budgetary and Redundancy Optimisation of Homogeneous Series-Parallel Systems Subject to Availability Constraints Using Matlab Implemented Genetic Computing
  • Motion-Onset Visual Evoked Potentials for Gaming: A pilot study
  • Cooperatively extending the range of indoor localisation
  • Error-free Authentication Watermarking Based on Prediction-Error-Expansion Reversible Technique
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