International Conference on Software Engineering and Mobile Application Modelling and Development (ICSEMA 2012)

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  • Location: Chennai, India
  • Conference date: 19-21 Dec. 2012
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-736-6
  • Conference number: 2012/004
  • The following topics are dealt with: component usability enhancement; MANET; network datasets; software project success prediction; knowledge engineering; secured cost-effective multicloud storage; open source middleware migration; CMMI; software asset management system; wireless sensor networks; software development process; information retrieval; technical debt minimization; mobile interface; real time system specification; multistage scheduling scheme; routing attacks; space time block coded spatial modulation; face recognition system; mobile ad hoc network black hole attack; mobile application portability; software quality measurement; time independent query recommendation; and best quality network technology.

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  • A methodology to enhance usability of components using “and” relationship
  • Energy utilization strategies using novel approach in wireless sensor networks
  • Evaluating the quality of test data under the influence of vigilance parameter in FLEXFIS
  • Impact analysis of volatility and security on requirement defects during software development process
  • Metrics for information retrieval: a case study
  • Minimizing technical debt: developer's viewpoint
  • Mobile interface to content management system based on HTML5 and Drupal: a case study
  • Model to specify real time system using Z and alloy languages: A comparative approach
  • Money laundering detection using TFA system
  • Multi-stage scheduling scheme for massively parallel systems
  • Node reputed distributed control risk-aware mitigation of routing attacks
  • A study on genetic-fuzzy based automatic intrusion detection on network datasets
  • Performance analysis of space time block coded spatial modulation
  • Performance comparison of cascade and feed forward neural network for face recognition system
  • Performance evaluation of mobile adhoc network under black hole attack
  • Portability of mobile applications using phonegap: a case study
  • Software quality measurement for reusability
  • Time independent query recommendations from search engine query logs
  • TSVHOA-traffic sensitive vertical handoff algorithm for best quality network technology
  • An evolutionary algorithmic approach to construct connected dominating set in MANETs
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