16th International Conference on Evaluation & Assessment in Software Engineering (EASE 2012)

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  • Location: Ciudad Real, Spain
  • Conference date: 14-15 May 2012
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-541-6
  • Conference number: 2012/001
  • The following topics are dealt with: software engineering; open source software development; software modelling; defect classification; software development effort estimation; software acquisition; risk management; aspect-oriented software maintenance metrics; and software code cloning.

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  • Keynote: Empirical Models: Towards a science of software engineering (Abstract only)
  • Evaluating methods and technologies in software engineering with respect to developers' skill level
  • Evaluation of traceability recovery in context: a taxonomy for information retrieval tools
  • Preliminary results of a systematic review on requirements evolution
  • The influence of human aspects on software process improvement: qualitative research findings and comparison to previous studies
  • Mapping study completeness and reliability - a case study
  • Pattern-based guideline to empirically analyse software development processes
  • On integrating student empirical software engineering studies with research and teaching goals
  • Reporting guidelines for simulation-based studies in software engineering
  • Towards a unified checklist for empirical research in software engineering: first proposal
  • GlobReq: a framework for improving requirements engineering in global software development projects: preliminary results
  • Towards evidence-based ontology for supporting systematic literature review
  • Keynote: Using ethnography in empirical software engineering (Abstract only)
  • An experimental setup to assess design diversity of functionally equivalent services
  • Using the ISO/IEC 9126 product quality model to classify defects : a controlled experiment
  • A study of the effectiveness of two threshold definition techniques
  • Systematic literature reviews in global software development: a tertiary study
  • Software effort estimation with a generalized robust linear regression technique
  • First impressions in software development effort estimation: easy to create and difficult to neutralize
  • Causes of requirement change - a systematic literature review
  • Test case quality in test driven development: a study design and a pilot experiment
  • Does the use of Fibonacci numbers in Planning Poker affect effort estimates?
  • Risks of off-the-shelf-based software acquisition and development: a systematic mapping study and a survey
  • Risk management in software engineering: a scoping study
  • Aspect-oriented software maintenance metrics: a systematic mapping study
  • Maintainability prediction of relational database-driven applications: a systematic review
  • A mapping study of software code cloning
  • Development of maturity models: a systematic literature review
  • What agile ERP consultants think of requirements engineering for interorganizational ERP Systems: insights from a focus group in BeNeLux
  • Sustainability in software engineering: a systematic literature review
  • A systematic mapping study on the open source software development process
  • A study on risk management for software engineering
  • A systematic review on the effectiveness of Web usability evaluation methods
  • A mapping study of the definitions for service oriented architecture
  • An initial evaluation of requirements dependency types in change propagation analysis
  • Towards an explanatory theory of motivation in software engineering: a qualitative case study of a government organization
  • Understanding lack of trust in distributed agile teams: a grounded theory study
  • Maturity of software modelling and model driven engineering: a survey in the Italian industry
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