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15th Annual Conference on Evaluation & Assessment in Software Engineering (EASE 2011)

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  • Location: Durham, UK
  • Conference date: 11-12 April 2011
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-509-6
  • Conference number: 2011/001
  • The following topics are dealt with: software engineering evaluation; software engineering assessment; software process improvement; and software architecture.

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  • Personality in software engineering: preliminary findings from a systematic literature review
  • A case study on the application of an artefact-based requirements engineering approach
  • Adopting software product lines: a systematic mapping study
  • An empirical evaluation of requirement engineering techniques for collaborative systems
  • Designing human benchmark experiments for testing software agents
  • Further thoughts on precision
  • An extended systematic review of software process Improvement in small and medium web companies
  • An empirical validation of FindBugs issues related to defects
  • Motivation in software engineering: a systematic review update
  • Security at software architecture level: a systematic mapping study
  • Systematic literature review: teaching novices programming using robots
  • Linked data approach for selection process automation in systematic reviews
  • Comparative analysis of meta-analysis methods: when to use which?
  • Repeatability of systematic literature reviews
  • An empirical assessment of a systematic search process for systematic reviews
  • Using background colors to support program comprehension in software product lines
  • On the effectiveness of the UML object diagrams: a replicated experiment
  • Systematic analysis of the incremental process as a base for comparison with the agile process
  • Software engineering researchers' attitudes on case studies and experiments: an exploratory survey
  • The misuse of the NASA Metrics Data Program data sets for automated software defect prediction
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