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UKACC International Conference on CONTROL 2010

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  • Location: Coventry, UK
  • Conference date: 7-10 Sept. 2010
  • ISBN: 978-1-84600-038-6
  • Conference number: 2010/004
  • The following topics are dealt with: control theory and control engineering.

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  • Control engineering challenges for railway trains of the future
  • Optimising dynamically positioned vessel power systems using advanced converter control
  • Estimating the driver function of a cardiovascular system model
  • Multivariable H Control for an Active Magnetic Bearing Flywheel System
  • Simulation of Nonlinear Systems
  • A Neural-Extended-Sequential-Filter-Based Model Reference Adaptive Control System
  • A signal processing method for improving the accuracy of MEMS gyroscopes
  • Parameter Estimation Using a Novel Nonlinear Constrained Sequential State Estimator
  • Validation of a Model-based Virtual Trials Method for Tight Glycaemic Control in Intensive Care
  • Parity equation-based friction compensation applied to a rolling mill
  • Application of robust 2 degree-of-freedom control to an active steering wheel system (ASWS)
  • Model-based PEEP selection in mechanically ventilated patients: first clinical trial results
  • Prediction of cardiac output changes with response to PEEP on patients under mechanical ventilation
  • Properties of power control algorithms in wireless networks with delays: a positive systems approach
  • Nonlinear control by input-output pole assignment: state space derivation
  • Maximizing volume of stable polytope of reflection vector sets
  • Captain Toolbox Analysis of the Hyperfast Switching Peltier Cooling System Benchmark
  • Optimization of control variables for automated transmission engagement
  • Physical Modelling of a Door Locking Mechanism for a Vehicle Application
  • Hybrid vehicles: the system and control system challenges
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