National Conference on Signal and Image Processing Applications

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  • Location: Maharashtra, India
  • Conference date: 19-20 Sept. 2009
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-193-7
  • Conference number: 2009/001
  • The following topics are dealt with: biometrics; steganography; watermarking; pattern recognition; medical imaging; soft computing; signal processing; image processing and speech processing.

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  • Combining level-3 features with perspiration pattern for robust fingerprint recognition
  • Compression of medical images using generic vector quantizer designed with Kohonen's Self Organizing Feature Maps
  • Musical information extraction from the singing voice
  • Adaptive audio watermarking methods and their performance evaluation for indian musical signals
  • Dynamic iris localisation: a novel approach suitable for fake iris detection
  • Fingerprint classification by ridge orientation and singular point analysis
  • Face recognition in constrained environment using hidden Markov model approach
  • Color Iris recognition in controlled conditions
  • Face recognition using partitioned iterated function system
  • Iris image analysis for biometric system
  • Iris recognition using texture analysis and band limited phase only correlation
  • Texture realization using 2D-MA random field model
  • Handwriting and signature recognition
  • Implementation of translational and rotational palm print recognition
  • A study on edge detection techniques in Retinex based adaptive filter
  • LSB steganography in gray scale images
  • Implementation of discrete wavelet transform with decomposition and synthesis filter banks for robust digital image watermarking
  • Blind source separation based digital image adaptive watermarking
  • Digital image watermarking in DCT: a novel approach
  • Haar wavelet based video watermarking algorithm for raw video
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