4th IET International Conference on Railway Condition Monitoring (RCM 2008)

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  • Location: Derby, UK
  • Conference date: 18-20 June 2008
  • ISBN: 978 0 86341 927 0
  • Conference number: 2008/12216
  • The following topics were discussed: rolling stock - fleet management; signalling equipment; system integration; infrastructure - track measurements and the InteGRail European Project; asset management and reliability analysis.

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  • Monitoring of rail freight wagons in Europe with support of Eureka projects
  • RCM data integration - ontologies and the third tier
  • Utilising appropriate information technology to support railway condition monitoring
  • Condition monitoring of railway track and driver using in-service vehicle
  • Condition monitoring of Shinkansen tracks using commercial trains
  • A new approach of assessing rail roughness
  • Estimation of long wavelength track irregularities from on board measurement
  • From RCM to predictive maintenance: the InteGRail approach
  • Ontology driven railway RCM data integration
  • Engineering knowledge-based condition analyzers for on-board intelligent fault classification: a case study
  • Improving fleet performance by automatic analysis of enhanced "black box" OTMR data
  • The role of remote condition monitoring in a modern railway
  • Advanced maintenance inspection on DMU trains
  • Reducing vehicle maintenance using condition monitoring and dynamic planning
  • Real time energy consumption monitoring as a tool for the freight trains' dispatching
  • Traction motor in-service multi-technology condition monitoring
  • Driver model simulation for railway brake systems
  • Fault diagnosis of a train door system based on semantic knowledge representation
  • Switch mechanism diagnosis using a pattern recognition approach
  • A systems-engineered intuitive adaptive failure prediction system
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