IET Colloquium on Reliability of Electromagnetic Systems

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  • Location: Paris, France
  • Conference date: 24-25 May 2007
  • ISBN: 978 0 86341 809 9
  • Conference number: 2007/11827
  • The following topics are dealt with: EMC; fault tolerant electrical drives; railway communication; three-phase converter; DC-motor control; automotive electromagnetic engineering; PM synchronous motor control; skin effect; induction machine drive; inverter; failure diagnosis.

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  • From EMC to reliability and functional system safety
  • Automotive electromagnetic engineering: system reliability issues and challenges
  • Characterization of small cracks in eddy current testing
  • 3D analytical models for geometry and vector transformations for defects analysis in NDT systems
  • Interconnection and damping assignment approach for reliable PM synchronous motor control
  • Simulation of electric transmission lines with skin effect based on a reduced order differential model
  • Cost and reliability oriented design of the converter for small wind power plant
  • Wide frequency range analysis of the electromagnetic emissions of electrical machines for diagnosis
  • Pattern recognition for diagnosis of inverter fed induction machine drive: a step toward reliability
  • Reliability in electromagnetic systems: the role of electrical contact resistance in maintaining automobile speed control system integrity
  • Rotor failures diagnosis of induction machines by current or voltage spectrum analysis in function of the type of feeding and the load
  • Location of an inter turns short-circuit fault in the stator windings of induction motor by neural network
  • Fault tolerant multiphase electrical drives: the impact of design
  • Interdependence and sensitivity of motor parameters in torque estimation algorithms
  • Characterisation of the EM disturbances affecting the safety of the railway communication systems
  • Fault tolerant control using a hybrid predictive strategy applied to a current controlled four-legged three-phase converter
  • Fault tolerant architecture for motor drive system
  • Fault-tolerant speed measurement for the control of a DC-motor
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