IET-UK International Conference on Information and Communication Technology in Electrical Sciences (ICTES 2007)

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  • Location: Tamil Nadu, India
  • Conference date: 20-22 Dec. 2007
  • ISBN: 978 0 86341 937 9
  • Conference number: 2007/002
  • The following topics are dealt with: soft computing; power system operation; power system control; power converters; renewable energy sources; distributed generation; electrical drives control; FACTS; power quality; signal processing; secure communication system; OFDM; machine vision; image processing; mobile communication; VLSI; nano electronics; smart antennas; data mining; knowledge management.

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  • Optimized operation of SVC for minimal harmonics at distribution level
  • Modeling studies of inter line power flow controller for multi line transmission system
  • Power quality issues related to grid connection of wind turbine generators
  • Simulation of series and shunt compensated IPFC system
  • P.F. improvement technique in SPC
  • Application of active power filter for compensating unbalanced load currents using symmetrical component theory
  • Enhancement of available transfer capability with FACTS device in competitive power market
  • Comparison of topologies of hybrid active power filter
  • Transient stability enhancement with UPFC
  • Control design and performance evaluation of energy source interfaced DSTATCOM
  • Simplified and modified approach for face recognition using PCA
  • Biomedical signal processing using SVM
  • Bandwidth-efficient voice activity detector
  • Extended overlap-save and overlap-add convolution algorithms for real signal
  • A fast start-up and scalable algorithm for continuous media servers
  • Wideband low-distortion sigma-delta ADC for WLAN with RNS based decimation filter
  • Hearing aid: a current mode approach
  • High speed optimised reconfigurable architecture of fuzzy logic controller
  • Design and implementation of an intelligent instrument for apnea patients
  • Comparison of Euclidean distance based neural networks for analog integrated circuits fault recognition- LVQS &SOM
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