IET-UK International Conference on Information and Communication Technology in Electrical Sciences (ICTES 2007)

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  • Location: Tamil Nadu, India
  • Conference date: 20-22 Dec. 2007
  • ISBN: 978 0 86341 937 9
  • Conference number: 2007/002
  • The following topics are dealt with: soft computing; power system operation; power system control; power converters; renewable energy sources; distributed generation; electrical drives control; FACTS; power quality; signal processing; secure communication system; OFDM; machine vision; image processing; mobile communication; VLSI; nano electronics; smart antennas; data mining; knowledge management.

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  • A wavelet based de-noising scheme for induction motor drives
  • Particle swarm optimized induction motor for a textile mill load diagram
  • Digital simulation of low cost fuzzy logic based four-switch three-phase (PWM) inverter fed induction motor drive
  • Microprocessor based measurement of π-model transmission line parameters under fault conditions
  • Techno-economics of solar wind hybrid system in Indian context: a case study
  • Application of genetic algorithm in artificial neural network for fault classification in parallel transmission lines
  • A comparison between different approaches for fault classification in transmission lines
  • Design and implementation of a low cost fault tolerant three phase energy meter
  • Comparison study of ambient electromagnetic transients in the Indian domestic scenario
  • Reduction of cogging torque of PMBLDC motor by changes in active surface area
  • A unified design procedure for switched reluctance motor
  • A novel topology of EMI filter to suppress common mode and differential mode noises of electro magnetic interference in switching power supplies
  • Effect of mid-frequency resonance on dynamic response of permanent magnet hybrid stepper motor
  • Estimation of speed and rotor position of BLDC motor using extended Kalman filter
  • A generalized approach to the design of the speed control system for inverter-driven permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • Optimizing the switching angles of SRM using adaptive neuro-fuzzy controller
  • A new method to estimate the O&M costs for the financial planning of the wind power projects based on wind speed
  • Investigation of cost effective method to improve voltage sag ride through capability of AC coil contactors
  • Modeling of STATCOM and UPFC for power system steady state operation and control
  • Design, simulation and comparison of synthetic test circuits for extra high voltage circuit breakers
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