IET-UK International Conference on Information and Communication Technology in Electrical Sciences (ICTES 2007)

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  • Location: Tamil Nadu, India
  • Conference date: 20-22 Dec. 2007
  • ISBN: 978 0 86341 937 9
  • Conference number: 2007/002
  • The following topics are dealt with: soft computing; power system operation; power system control; power converters; renewable energy sources; distributed generation; electrical drives control; FACTS; power quality; signal processing; secure communication system; OFDM; machine vision; image processing; mobile communication; VLSI; nano electronics; smart antennas; data mining; knowledge management.

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  • A study on the ontology based Web mining for digital library
  • Design and development of data-mining systems using numerical methods
  • KDD and data mining
  • Information extraction - a text mining approach
  • Wide area monitoring protection and control - WAMPAC
  • Ant colony system algorithm for automatic generation control of hydrothermal system under open market scenario
  • Renewable-energy based generation network stability and protection
  • Flexible transmission systems
  • Managing the variability of wind energy with heating load control
  • Review of advanced power device models for converter design and simulation
  • Modern power system
  • VLSI beyond CMOS devices: nano, single electron and spintronic devices
  • Harmonic analysis at an educational institution using C.A.8332
  • Evolutionary computation based reactive power optimization
  • Analysis of mechanical stresses developed on T-G shaft during faults
  • Power system stabilizer using fuzzy logic controller in multimachine power systems
  • Investigation of power system transient stability using clustering based support vector machines and preventive control by rescheduling generators
  • Genetically optimized neuro-fuzzy PSS for damping modal oscillations of power system
  • Genetic algorithm based reactive power optimization under deregulation
  • Application of supervised learning artificial neural networks [CPNN, BPNN] for solving power flow problem
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