IET Seminar on Signal Processing for Genomics

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  • Location: Cambridge, UK
  • Conference date: 9 Nov. 2006
  • ISBN: 0-86341-716-7
  • Conference number: 2006/11566
  • The following topics were dealt with: biological network modelling; DNA sequencer; funding opportunities in research; and microarrays analysis.

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  • Bayesian hidden Markov models for detecting regions of deletion and duplication in the human genome using Illumina BeadChip arrays
  • Strategies and tools for multivariate biology: interactive analysis of high dimensional postgenomic data
  • Finding characteristic biology patterns in cancer microarrays
  • Employing Bayesian analysis in pathway modelling (Abstract only)
  • Bioinformatic approaches to improve the identification of peptides from proteomics experiments
  • Modeling gene expression data using probabalistic Boolean networks (PSNS)
  • From the DNA sequencer to a sequence assembly
  • Funding opportunities in BBSRC
  • Microarray analysis - problems and potential solutions
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