3rd IEE International Seminar on Medical Applications of Signal Processing

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 3-4 Nov. 2005
  • ISBN: 0 86341 570 9
  • Conference number: 2005/11199
  • The following articles are dealt with: self similarity analysis in EEG; breast cancer detection using SVM and RBF network; wavelet and wavelet-Bayesian approach for classification of auditory brainstem response; blind signal separation and biomedical monitoring; and segmentation of neuroblastoma in CT images

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  • Recent advances in EEG monitoring for general anaesthesia, altered states of consciousness and sports performance science
  • Spike source identification using artificial intelligence techniques
  • Support vector machines for the prediction of aortic stiffness from the digital volume pulse waveform
  • Noninvasive detection and classification of coronary artery occlusions using wavelet analysis of heart sounds with neural networks
  • Applications of signal recognition algorithms to diagnosis and monitoring in chest medicine
  • An automatic system for clustering and visualization of motor unit action potentials based on generative topographic mapping
  • A bootstrap approach to testing for an association between bursts in the neonatal EEG and changes in cerebral blood flow
  • Dynamic modelling of electrical current distribution in the deep structure of the brain
  • Classification of single-trial EEG signals
  • On the development of singing real-time visual displays for voice therapy
  • Signal processing for use in the assessment of dysarthric speech
  • On the relation of the independent components of fibrillation to ionic currents in the atrial muscle cell
  • Wavelet transform predicting success electrical cardioversion
  • Novel pre-processing of colour fundus images
  • Segmentation of neuroblastoma in CT images using deformable contours, image reconstruction, and convex hulls
  • Computer-assisted identification and modelling of internal carotid arteries from 3D CE-MR angiograms for stenosis quantification
  • Quantification of bone thickness and morphology in fractured tibias using computed radiography
  • Detection of breast cancer using v-SVM and RBF networks with self organized selection of centers
  • Using Kohonen self organising feature maps for the analysis of ambulatory oesophageal manometry
  • Improved detection of embolic signals using multi scale wavelet filtering, AR and ANN, for TCD ultrasound
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