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IEE Seminar on Intelligent Building Environments

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  • Location: Colchester, UK
  • Conference date: 28 June 2005
  • ISBN: 0 86341 518 0
  • Conference number: 2005/11059
  • The following topics are discussed: intelligent building environments; robotics and mechatronics; embedded computing; ubiquitous computing; autonomous agent learning and control; pervasive computing; mobile computing; ambient intelligence; and user-friendly spoken dialogue systems

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  • Explorations in the problem of interactive systems design for `intelligent places'
  • Privacy, freedom and control in the intelligent environment
  • The role of embedded agents in creating ambient intelligent environments
  • Open systems - myth or magic
  • New sensor architectures for responsive environments
  • Intelligent building environments
  • Device to enterprise communication for buildings and the oBiX Web services standard (Abstract only)
  • Building automation networks versus IT networks
  • The role of wireless communications in intelligent building environments
  • Applied 'open standards' technology some examples of successfully integrated buildings
  • TWIN: A revolution in elevator construction
  • What are "safety critical functions" in an intelligent building? Who cares? Who is responsible? What are the risks?
  • Location-aware computing and intelligent environments
  • The adaptive house
  • Mobilizing intelligent environments (Abstract only)
  • Cooperative artefacts
  • Development of a programmable sensor interface for wireless network nodes
  • Resource-aware dynamic task-allocation in clusters of embedded smart cameras by mobile agents
  • A comparison of some data-based methods for the off-line generation of fuzzy logic controllers for an intelligent building environment
  • Adaptive on-line co-ordination of ubiquitous computing devices with multiple objectives and constraints
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