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26th International Conference on Software Engineering - W12S Workshop "Third International Workshop on Global Software Development (GSD 2004)"

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  • Location: Edinburgh, UK
  • Conference date: 24 May 2004
  • ISBN: 0 86341 427 3
  • Conference number: 2004/912
  • The following topics are dealt with: feasibility global software development (GSD); strategies for success in SGD; and research methodologies and challenges in GSD

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  • Efficient maintenance support in offshore software development: a case study on a global e-commerce project
  • Risk management in global software development: a position paper
  • Can global software teams learn from military teamwork models?
  • Designing the inter-organizational software engineering cooperation: an experience report
  • Towards a model of awareness support of software development in GSD
  • Peer-to-peer remote conferencing
  • Test-driven global software development
  • Transitioning from a co-located to a globally-distributed software development team: a case study at Analog Devices Inc
  • Using iterative and incremental processes in global software development
  • Communication problems in global software development: spotlight on a new field of investigation
  • An empirical study on global software development: offshore insourcing of IT projects
  • Analyzing intercultural factors affecting global software development - a position paper
  • The benefits and limitations of knowledge management in global software development
  • Global software development process research at Siemens
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