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26th International Conference on Software Engineering - W11L Workshop "5th International Workshop on Software Process Simulation and Modeling (ProSim 2004)"

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  • Location: Edinburgh, UK
  • Conference date: 24-25 May 2004
  • ISBN: 0 86341 426 5
  • Conference number: 2004/911
  • The following topics are dealt with: software process modelling; software process simulation; software project management; open source software; software development; software patterns

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  • Qualitative analysis and simulation of open source software evolution
  • Heuristic verification and validation of software process simulation models
  • Interactive simulation of software producing organization's operations based on concepts of CMMI and balanced scorecards
  • Process model combining the artifact centered process with communication path
  • Implementing a process model-based software development support environment: comparing an open source component with a proprietary tool
  • Experiences with process modeling and quality control for development of embedded telecommunication systems
  • PL-SIM: a generic simulation model for studying strategic SPI in the automotive industry
  • Proposal for a flexible software process model
  • Software process modeling for an interactive, graphical, educational software engineering simulation game
  • A comprehensive simulation study on optimal scheduling for software projects
  • Modelling time-constrained software development
  • Using software process simulation to assess the impact of IV&V activities
  • A policy investigation model for long-term software evolution processes
  • Evaluating the impact of software process simulations - a case study
  • Towards an integration of process modeling and project planning
  • Making software process simulation modeling agile and pattern-based
  • Effects of mobile business processes on the software process
  • A software product business case model
  • Extreme dynamics: towards a system dynamics model of the extreme programming software development process
  • Process patterns - a means to describe processes in a flexible way
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