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26th International Conference on Software Engineering - W2S Workshop "Workshop on Directions in Software Engineering Environments (WoDiSEE2004)"

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  • Location: Edinburgh, UK
  • Conference date: 25 May 2004
  • ISBN: 0 86341 417 6
  • Conference number: 2004/902
  • The following topics are dealt with: software tool construction techniques; innovative software engineering environments; automation, intelligence and integration issues for software tools; novel software engineering environment interfaces and application domains; and innovative tool experience reports

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  • Supporting collaborative software design with a plug-in, Web services-based architecture
  • CoObRA - a small step for development tools to collaborative environments
  • Continuous coordination: a new paradigm for collaborative software engineering tools
  • Integrated process support and lightweight knowledge sharing for agile software organizations
  • Style-based software architectural compositions as domain-specific models
  • An approach and a platform for building UML model processing tools
  • A tool environment for aspectual patterns in UML
  • The rise of open source development tools
  • Eclipse as a requirements engineering environment
  • Software engineering environment support for frameworks: a position paper
  • Towards automated design improvement through combinatorial optimisation
  • Program navigation analysis to support task-aware software development environments
  • Program comprehension using aspects
  • The case for multiple views
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