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Technical Seminar on Antenna Measurements and SAR (AMS 2004)

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  • Location: Loughborough, UK
  • Conference date: 25-26 May 2004
  • ISBN: 0 86341 415 X
  • Conference number: 2004/10663
  • The following topics are dealt with: specific absorption rate (SAR) theory and development; antenna measurement techniques; and SAR dosimetric prediction

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  • A concept to minimize the user interaction of mobile phones
  • Compact multi-probe antenna test station for rapid testing of antennas and wireless terminals
  • State of the art in antenna measurements in Europe
  • A cylindrical near-field vs. spherical near-field - antenna test comparison
  • Characterising the quiet zone of an anechoic chamber
  • Implementation of a new spherical near-field range at NPL
  • A CTIA approved antenna measurement system for over-the-air testing of wireless devices
  • Readily made comparison among the three near-field measurement geometries using a composite near-field range
  • Far-field reconstruction from probe compensated helicoidal near-field measurements
  • Measurement of EIRP and antenna response for active antennas with spherical near-field scanning
  • Simulation and experimental SAR and efficiency study for a dual-band PIFA handset antenna (GSM 900 / DCS 1800) at varied distances from a phantom head
  • Development of reverberation chamber for accurate measurements of mobile phones and mobile phone antennas
  • Numerical dosimetry
  • Simulation of SAR for vehicle occupants
  • Implications for SAR when using a symmetric phantom exposed to RF radiation using the FDTD method
  • Investigation of SAR uniformity in TEM cell exposed culture media
  • Material loaded antennas and their contribution towards low-SAR
  • An automated and nondestructive slot line measurement technique for complex permittivity materials
  • Full radiation pattern measurements of antenna arrays to obtain accurate pattern correlation levels for use in MIMO system performance
  • Antenna footprint measurements of stepped frequency CW radar on the air/ground interface [GPR for landmine detection]
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