3rd IEE Seminar on Appropriate Medical Technology for Developing Countries

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 4 Feb. 2004
  • ISBN: 978 1 84919 309 2
  • Conference number: 2004/10408
  • This paper dealt with the following topics: managing health technology, bioinformatics; knowledge management; spectrochemical analysis; blood flow measurement; medical devices; biomedical equipments; telemedicine; image acquisition; patient therapy; and other related topics.

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  • Management of healthcare technology in developing countries case study: the Republic of Vanuatu
  • Modified laser viscometer technique to measure blood viscosity
  • Appropriate medical technology transfer for developing countries
  • Alternative funding mechanisms for the maintenance of medical devices in developing countries
  • Benchmarking biomedical equipment maintenance in Hospital Authority (HA)
  • Formulating equipment maintenance strategy in Hospital Authority (HA)
  • Management of medical technology - Hong Kong's experience
  • Real-time telemedicine system for multimedia transmission over fixed and mobile communication networks
  • Low-cost iontophoresis device for transdermal drug delivery
  • High quality pc-based nuclear medicine image acquisition system
  • Development of the safe powered wheelchair controller
  • Application of the EHTP methodology to plan primary health care services in Mozambique
  • Design and implementation of a low-cost communication panel
  • Design and development of interactive modules for language therapy rehabilitation
  • Equipments and supplies for hospitals in developing countries
  • Waste disposal at St. Joseph's Hospital in Kinshasa, DR-Congo
  • A 2-pronged proposal relating to appropriate healthcare technology for the developing world (3rd world)
  • The use of mobile telephone networks and wireless internet technology for monitoring patients remotely
  • The IMAMTA (integrated management of appropriate medical technology for Africa) approach
  • The need for portable field kits in improved veterinary diagnosis in the Neotropics
  • Appropriate medical laboratory technology for developing countries
  • Experience with the Glostavent anaesthetic machine
  • Update on the global harmonisation process for medical-devices regulation, and on progress with the global medical device nomenclature (Abstract only)
  • Incinerator emissions
  • Treatment options for clinical waste in developing countries
  • Why are innovations in the health field needed?
  • A simple and low cost method of producing a prosthetic socket for trans-tibial amputees
  • Novel cost-efficient techniques for treatment and fixation of upper limbs fractures
  • Some medical applications of rural internet radio access
  • Reducing malaria mortality and morbidity in very young children: the new fully-protective 'Sleep-Safe' mosquito net™ and more appropriate diagnostic tools to ensure effective medical surveillance in the rural tropics
  • Health care provision in The Gambia: The impact of training and technological transfer
  • The role of intervention complexity for the feasibility of scaling-up health interventions in low and middle-income countries
  • The cup's half full - working with limitations to achieve, appropriate healthcare technology management
  • Deploying resources to work for people; a relevant model for informatics and knowledge management in the Saudi health organisations
  • Feasibility study for the initiation of an in-house clinical engineering department in a medium sized hospital
  • Three-phase double-arc plasma for spectrochemical analysis of biological samples
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