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IEE Two Day Conference. Getting the Most Out of the Radio Spectrum

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 24-25 Oct. 2002
  • Conference number: 2002/112
  • The following topics are dealt with: establishing a research strategy; deregulating the spectrum - implications for technology; managing spectrum οvernment desires, industry needs and international realities; accommodating new methods of delivery - how might high altitude platforms (HAP) affect spectrum usage; modelling - new models for new environments; using underused spectrum; the changing world of spectrum management; coexistence - engineering different radio technologies and applications together; realigning existing spectrum; spectrum efficiency of mesh networks; advances in propagation modelling; MIMO - multipath and multi-antenna - what it can really do; antenna technology - aiding spectrum efficiency; and frequency selective structures (FSS) - controlling where radio propagates

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  • Measuring spectrum efficiency - the art of spectrum utilisation metrics
  • Maximising spectrum efficiency for BFWA through automatic cell planning
  • Band I - an overlooked resource?
  • Spectrum for digital radio cameras
  • Analysis of the spectrum efficiency of sharing between terrestrial and satellite services
  • Statistical analysis of CDMA-based systems in uplink and applications to FDD and TDD modes coexistence assessment in a regulatory context
  • 3G/WLAN interworking: joint deployment considerations for an optimised spectrum use
  • Practical interference problems in ISM-band microwave links
  • Noise rise criterion for the relative performance assessment of multiple CDMA-based systems
  • A time-adaptive dynamic spectrum allocation scheme for a converged cellular and broadcast system
  • Downlink capacity of UMTS coexisting with DVB-T MFNs and regional SFNs
  • Effective spectrum utilisation and research for spectrum management purposes
  • Automated optimisation for spectrum management
  • A quality of service algorithm for wide-area private mobile radio systems
  • Modelling diffraction for deterministic simulation of site-specific radio propagation
  • Predicting time-series of SHF and EHF propagation factors: a new technique to aid in spectrum management
  • A generic model of 1-62 GHz radio attenuation in vegetation
  • Performance of pragmatic space-time codes with correlated channels, intersymbol interference and co-channel interference
  • Capacity of MIMO systems in realistic cellular wireless systems
  • Capacity evaluation for multiple antennas using wideband directional channel model for different channel conditions
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