IEE Seminar Medical Applications of Signal Processing

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 7 Oct. 2002
  • Conference number: 2002/110
  • The following topics are dealt with: reliable methods for QRS detection; identification of a visual evoked potential; extracting desired electromagnetic brain signals; cluster-shape characterization of microcalcifications; monitoring of voice quality changes in larynx cancer patients; identifying individual regions of human colon; speckle reduction in B-mode ultrasound images; automatic echocardiographic LV boundary extraction; automatic scanning of malaria infected blood slide images; computational biosignal processing; nonstationary medical signal analysis using Hilbert spectrum; classification of long echo-time proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy signals; cochlear hearing loss determination; continuous multi-modality monitoring; EEG neuro-image reconstruction; heart sound segmentation; cough recognition and quantification; emergency multimedia transmission over mobile systems

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  • Reliable methods for QRS detection
  • Speckle reduction techniques in B-mode ultrasound images
  • Fuzzy, Weighted-Offset, Multiscale Edge Detection for automatic echocardiographic LV boundary extraction
  • Automatic scanning of Malaria infected blood slide images using Mathematical Morphology
  • Computational biosignal processing: a case study approach
  • A novel approach for non-stationary medical signal analysis using Hilbert spectrum
  • The use of LS-SVM in the classification of brain tumors based on 1H-MR spectroscopy signals
  • Comparison of transformation methods to determine frequency specific cochlear hearing loss based on TEOAE
  • Development of continuous multimodality monitoring in the intensive care environment of a district general hospital
  • EEG neuro-image reconstruction based on conditional chaos
  • Heart sound segmentation by hidden Markov models
  • Performance analysis of fuzzy clustering approaches for the identification of a visual evoked potential called the lambda wave
  • Long-term objective cough recognition and quantification
  • Signal processing for emergency multimedia transmission over mobile systems
  • The circular T-squared statistic and SNR measurement are complementary for fast objective detection of steady-state visual evoked potentials (VEPs)
  • ICA with a reference: extracting desired electromagnetic brain signals
  • Cluster-shape characterization of microcalcifications
  • Approximate entropy in the analysis and monitoring of voice quality changes in larynx cancer patients following radiotherapy
  • Towards intelligent classification and staging of acoustic voice data in cancer of the larynx patients
  • A novel technique for identifying the individual regions of the human colon at CT colonography
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