Simulation and Modelling of Satellite Systems

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 23 April 2002
  • Conference number: 2002/074
  • The following topics are dealt with: satellite system design and modelling; Galileo system simulation facility; S-UMTS system; satellite broadband for distributed applications; GEO satellite simulator; platform motion emulator for airborne satellite communications; computer modelling of antenna radiation performance of Earth station for urban teleport sites; operational spacecraft simulations; spectrum utilisation tools; multiple carriers through non-linear satellite links; satellite systems operating at Ka-band; tropospheric attenuation; spectrum sharing

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  • Requirements-driven satellite system design
  • Simulation of multiple carriers through non-linear satellite links
  • Simulation of satellite systems operating at Ka-band and above using experimental time series of tropospheric attenuation
  • Simulation in spectrum sharing
  • Availability modelling tools applicable to satellite systems
  • Simulation of S-UMTS system
  • The suitability of satellite broadband to meet distributed applications performance requirements
  • An ns-derived GEO satellite network simulator: features, capabilities, results
  • Simulation of airborne satellite communications using a platform motion emulator
  • Computer modelling of the radiation performance of an Earth station antenna in the presence of clutter as a planning and site shielding design tool for urban teleport sites
  • Operational spacecraft simulations: present and future
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