Proceedings of CEM 2002 - 4th International Conference on Computation in Electromagnetics

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  • Location: Bournemouth, UK
  • Conference date: 8-11 April 2002
  • Conference number: 2002/063
  • The following topics are dealt with: finite differences, finite volume and TLM techniques; computation in electromagnetics (CEM) and industry; challenging problems of CEM; applications of CEM; methods and techniques of CEM; finite elements and related techniques; hybrid methods, coupled problems and optimisation

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  • Computation of deformation of ferromagnetic material
  • Superposition method taking account of relative position change in finite element analysis for eddy current problem
  • A comparison of neural network and polynomial models for the approximation of non-linear and anisotropic ferromagnetic materials
  • Numerical computation of transient quasistatic electric fields
  • Sliding contacts in eddy current theory
  • Modal transmission-line modelling of radio wave propagation through periodic inhomogeneous walls
  • Application of finite element methods to photonic crystal modelling
  • Hysteresis loss analysis based on Wh-Bm function
  • Representation of windings in the 3D finite element description of electromagnetic converters
  • A method of moment to analyze the grounding grid in substation considering mutual inductance
  • An efficient method for modelling wire/surface junctions using triangular patch segmentation
  • The equivalence between cell method, TDTD and FEM
  • Electric field calculation of high voltage circuit breaker using self-adaptation approach
  • Optimization of electrode contour based on novel hybrid algorithm
  • Optimization design of electric field using artificial neural networks
  • Electric network method in direct and inverse electromagnetic computation in electrical impedance tomography
  • Using different types of finite elements in electrical machines thin airgaps
  • MNM - a novel technique for the iterative solution of matrix equations arising in the method of moments formulation
  • Finite element analysis of dynamic linear devices
  • Coupled finite element - spectral element discretization for models with circular inclusions and far field domains
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