DERA/IEE Workshop Intelligent Sensor Processing

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  • Location: Birmingham, UK
  • Conference date: 14 Feb. 2001
  • Conference number: 2001/050
  • The following topics were dealt with: condition monitoring; sensor fusion; medical processing software; brain condition classification; electrophoresis image alignment; confidence errors; buried object radar detection; surveillance; classifier diversity; data compression; circle size detection; acceleration sensors; decentralised control; blind source separation; water industry applications; gas concentration measurement; mixed signal circuit fault diagnosis; saccade-related EEG component PCA; and surface roughness waveform generation

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  • Condition monitoring, diesel engines, and intelligent sensor processing
  • Ten measures of diversity in classifier ensembles: limits for two classifiers
  • Feature detection and fusion for intelligent compression
  • Circle size by fusion of pyramidal transform data
  • Neural network based techniques for acceleration sensor signal processing: linearisation and diagnosis
  • The performance enhancement of distributed systems through decentralized control and sensor fusion
  • Blind source separation using closed-form estimators with optimal finite sample performance
  • Neural network applications in the water industry
  • The quantification of gas concentrations in mixtures of known gases using an array of tin oxide sensors
  • Towards the on-line diagnosis of faults in mixed signal circuits: a delta sigma converter
  • Adaptive non-linear principal component analysis of a saccade related EEG component
  • Adaptive sensor fusion using stochastic vector quantisers
  • Fuzzy logic cluster analysis of surface roughness waveforms generated using a laser-based system
  • Medical signal processing using the software monitor
  • The rapid classification of brain conditions using neural networks
  • A multiresolution algorithm for aligning electrophoresis images
  • Multi-sensor integration and decision level fusion
  • The effect of confidence errors on estimation fusion using Bayes' criterion
  • Buried object detection using ground penetrating radar
  • A novel approach for surveillance using visual and thermal images
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