IEE International Symposium Engineering Education: Innovations in Teaching, Learning and Assessment

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 4-5 Jan. 2001
  • Conference number: 2001/046
  • The following topics were dealt with: engineering education; engineering mathematics; teaching; learning; assessment; electrical engineering; electronic engineering; international perspectives; project management; and computing

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  • What limits innovation?
  • The importance of a structured new product development (NPD) process: a methodology
  • Teaching microcontroller technology - learning through play
  • Repackaging the fundamentals in graduate professional studies: thriving in a corporate setting
  • Impact of technology in teaching and learning electrical circuits
  • Using computer simulations to teach electrical power systems
  • Web based control and information system
  • Why not use digital media exclusively?
  • An innovative electronic engineering design course based around an anti-dodgems mobot project
  • Managing engineer - the task facing higher education
  • Project management - a case study approach
  • Worksheet-based “keep on trying” tests for foundation mathematics
  • Online CPD for engineers
  • FDTL phase 3 “project squared”: learning through “electronic projectwork” virtual projects and best practice overview
  • Drivers and barriers to utilising information and communication technologies
  • EASEIT-Eng - engineering software implementation made easy
  • Novel undergraduate course: an engineering application of ‘C' programming for virtual instruments
  • Developing and evaluating Java-based educational tools
  • Automating lecture material delivery
  • LTSN engineering - a national focus
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