IEE Colloquium. Frequency Selection and Management Techniques for HF Communications

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 29-30 March 1999
  • Conference number: 1999/017
  • The following topics were dealt with: propagation, channel characteristics and noise; protocols, waveforms and adaptive systems; techniques and equipment; planning and management systems

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  • Nonlinear prediction of the hourly FOF2 time series and the nonlinear interpolation of missing points
  • Rapid HF waveform identification
  • A radio protocol for TCP/IP application
  • High data rate HF communication system
  • Performance simulation of HF subnetworks employing third generation HF link establishment protocols
  • Measurement of HF antenna impedances
  • Comparison of DFE and MLSE equalisation in a HF serial tone modem and implications for frequency selection
  • Validating prediction packages using superresolution direction finding techniques and oblique ionospheric soundings
  • Management of secondary operations in HF bands
  • Dynamic management of HF communication and broadcasting systems
  • Frequency planning and assignment tools for large networks
  • A comparison of measured directions of arrival with ray tracing simulations for propagation on a 4490 km path along the mid-latitude ionospheric trough
  • Automated frequency management within an HF managed network
  • MHFCS. Constraints on operational frequencies
  • Considerations for automatic link establishment in HF radio systems
  • HF ALE communications analysis between Thule, Greenland and Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Performance of a synchronous ALE system on several short range HF links
  • Proposal for an ALM open architecture
  • A demonstrator for investigating candidate ARCS techniques
  • Investigations into the channel characteristics of HF NVIS links and the implications for high data rate transfer
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