IEE Seminar on Electrical Engineering and Epilepsy: A Successful Partnership in conjunction with the Epilepsy Research Foundation

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 8 June 1998
  • Conference number: 1998/444
  • The following topics were dealt with: brain electrical activity recording; photic hazards at work and leisure; anatomical brain imaging; functional imaging; electrical impedance tomography; MEG; vagus nerve stimulation

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  • Epilepsy at the Millenium
  • How nerve cells work
  • Recording the brain's electrical activity
  • Photic hazards at work and at leisure
  • Anatomical imaging of the brain
  • Functional imaging of the brain in epilepsy
  • Electrical impedance tomography of brain function: its potential advantages for imaging epileptic activity
  • Magnetoencephalography
  • Vagus nerve stimulation as an adjunctive therapy in the treatment of patients with medically intractable epilepsy
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