IEE Colloquium on Electro-Technical Ceramics - Processing, Properties and Applications

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 14 Nov. 1997
  • Conference number: 1997/317
  • The following topics were dealt with: ferroelectrics, microsystems and nanotechnology; thin film ceramics; high temperature superconductors; sol-gel synthesis; ferroelectrics for uncooled thermal imaging; SAW devices; microwave dielectrics; micro-actuation using thin film piezoelectric elements; manganite metal oxides

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  • Ferroelectrics, microsystems and nanotechnology
  • Micro-actuation using thin film piezoelectric elements
  • Manganite metal oxides - understanding and application
  • The deposition and processing of thin film ceramics
  • Actuators and their applications
  • High temperature superconductor thin and thick film HTS-hybrid systems and devices for applications
  • Sol-gel synthesis of PZT thin films
  • Applications of ferroelectrics in uncooled thermal imaging: Part 1
  • Applications of ferroelectrics in uncooled thermal imaging: Part 2
  • Processing of ZnO thin films for SAW devices
  • Microwave dielectrics
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