IEE Colloquium on Power Electronics for Renewable Energy

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 16 June 1997
  • Conference number: 1997/170
  • The following topics were discussed: renewable energy; wind turbine power electronic converters; PM wind turbine generators; wave energy; photovoltaic converters integration in public supply; heat engines; wind farm static VAr compensators; distribution static compensator; FACTS for wind farms; and fuzzy power flow control

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  • Power electronic converters for variable speed wind turbines
  • Power conversion system for a modular, direct-drive, permanent-magnet wind turbine generator
  • The role of converters and their control in the recovery of wave energy
  • Integration of photo-voltaic convertors into the public electricity supply network
  • Electrical power generation from heat engines
  • The application of advanced static VAr compensators to wind farms
  • A practical example of the use of distribution static compensator (D-STATCOM) to reduce voltage fluctuations
  • Simulation of FACTS for wind farm applications
  • Fuzzy logic control of a unified power flow controller for wind farm applications
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