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IEE Colloquium on ATM Traffic in the Personal Mobile Communications Environment

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 11 Feb. 1997
  • Conference number: 1997/032
  • The following topics were dealt with: third generation mobile ATM; polling based wireless ATM LAN MAC protocol; mobile handoffs in ATM multispot beam dynamic satellite networks; statistical multiplexing and connection admission control; millimetre-wave fibre radio system for broadband access network; ACTS MEDIAN wireless LAN; CDMA cellular systems virtual connection tree; and S-UMTS transport

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  • ATM implementation for the third generation mobile
  • A medium access control protocol for wireless ATM LAN based on polling
  • Performance issues and modelling of mobile executed handoffs in multispot beam dynamic satellite networks using ATM multiplexing
  • Statistical multiplexing and connection admission control in mobile-ATM systems
  • A millimetrewave fibre radio system for a broadband access network delivering ATM based services
  • ACTS MEDIAN: a wireless LAN supporting ATM at 155 mb/s
  • Virtual connection tree concept application over CDMA based cellular systems
  • Transport issues in S-UMTS
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