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IEE Colloquium on Silicon Fabricated Inertial Instruments

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 2 Dec. 1996
  • Conference number: 1996/227
  • The following topics were dealt with: small micro inertial sensors; monolithic Si gyroscope with simultaneous three-axis sensing; micromachined tuning fork gyroscope; micromachined rotating gyroscope; membrane gyroscope with electrostatic actuation; bulk micromachined capacitative force feedback accelerometer; polysilicon accelerometer; thin film piezoelectric layers for sensing and actuation in microstructures; SOI material for sensors and accelerometers

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  • ‘Small' micro inertial sensors
  • A monolithic silicon gyroscope capable of sensing about three axes simultaneously
  • A silicon micromachined tuning fork gyroscope
  • A micromachined rotating gyroscope
  • A silicon membrane gyroscope with electrostatic actuation
  • A silicon bulk micromachined capacitive force feedback accelerometer
  • Mechanical characterisation of a polysilicon accelerometer
  • Thin film piezoelectric layers for sensing and actuation in microstructures
  • Silicon-on-insulator material for sensors and accelerometers
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