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IEE Colloquium on Remote Sensing of the Propagation Environment

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 19 Nov. 1996
  • Conference number: 1996/221
  • The following topics were dealt with: ionized medium sensing; neutral atmosphere sensing; ionosphere; propagation; remote sensing; radar measurements; lidar; troposphere

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  • What can be deduced from sporadic-E data
  • Meteorological support for UK Navy operations
  • Development of an ultraviolet lidar for measurement of tropospheric radio refractivity
  • VHF radar observations of anisotropic and isotropic scattering
  • Use of radiosonde data in propagation prediction
  • Measurement of the angular spread of HF signals reflected from the high latitude ionosphere by means of super-resolution direction finding
  • Ionospheric delay estimation in the European Global Navigation Overlay Service
  • Ionospheric tomography. A new technique for sensing the propagation environment
  • A GPS locked oblique ionosonde system using IRIS
  • CUTLASS: a new HF auroral radar
  • The imaging riometer
  • A hierarchy moment approach to the analysis and forecasting of linear-nonlinear propagation
  • Rain radar measurements in Papua New Guinea and their implications for slant path propagation
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