IEE Colloquium on Artificial Intelligence Methods for Biomedical Data Processing

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 26 April 1996
  • Conference number: 1996/100
  • The following topics were dealt with: neural net based biomedical signal processing; medical imaging; image recognition, and EEG signal processing

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  • Adaptive non-linear filtering of ECG signals: dynamic neural network approach
  • EEG-based assessment of anaesthetic depth using neural networks
  • Intelligent enhancement and interpretation of EEG signals
  • A hybrid neuro-fuzzy system for the classification of normal, fusion and PVC cardiac beats in the MIT-BIH database
  • Neural network and conventional classifiers to distinguish between first and second heart sounds
  • Assessing the confidence of classification in artificial neural networks
  • Fully automatic left ventricular myocardial boundary detection in echocardiographic images: a comparison of two modern methods
  • Identification of boundaries in MRI medical images using artificial neural networks
  • Analysis of human muscle activity
  • A comparison of neural network and traditional signal processing techniques in the classification of EMG signals
  • Detection of brain conditions from evoked responses using artificial neural networks
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