IEE Colloquium on Multi-Dimensional Systems: Problems and Solutions

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 10 Jan. 1996
  • Conference number: 1996/003
  • The following topics were dealt with: discrete passive modelling; multistage hierarchical image processing; all-pass filters; visualisation in qualitative design; circuits, control and signal processing; industrial process control; a structure theorem; 1D control structures for 2D linear systems; 2D hyperbolic wave equation modelling; 4-PSK on fading channels; a 2D systems theory transformation; nonlinear systems modelling; and iterative optimal control stability

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  • A multistage hierarchical approach to image processing
  • New multi-dimensional rotationally invariant ring-TCM codes for 4-PSK on fading channels
  • A transformation for 2-D systems theory
  • An algorithm for nonlinear systems modelling based on N-D function reconstruction
  • Use of MATLAB and two-dimensional system theory to compute the stability of an iterative optimal control algorithm
  • Discrete passive modelling of multidimensional physical systems
  • The multi-dimensional allpass filter and its applications
  • Visualisation - enhancing qualitative design
  • Visualisation tools for 2-D system design
  • Multi-dimensional systems theory. A common approach to problems in circuits, control and signal processing
  • Two dimensional analysis and control for industrial processes
  • On a structure theorem for n-D MFDs
  • High performance control of a class of 2-D linear systems using 1-D control structures
  • The modelling of a 2-D hyperbolic wave equation using wave digital filters
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