IEE Colloquium: Twelfth UK Teletraffic Symposium Performance Engineering in Telecommunications Networks

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  • Location: Old Windsor, UK
  • Conference date: 15-17 March 1995
  • Conference number: 1995/054
  • The following topics were dealt with: modelling techniques and simulation; network modelling; connection acceptance control; ATM buffer management; cell loss modelling; queueing model; network reliability; ATM LAN

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  • Some aspects of simulation in telecommunication networks
  • Economies of scale in long and short buffers of large multiplexers
  • Dimensioning of shared buffer ATM switch elements
  • Buffer management in connectionless servers for AAL5 traffic
  • New for old: reusing ATM cell scale analysis at the burst scale
  • On worst case traffic in ATM networks
  • Discrete-time batch renewal processes with applications to the performance modelling of ATM switch architectures
  • An improved channel resource queueing algorithm for trunked mobile radio
  • Cell loss analysis of a multi-linear non stationary queuing system using martingale methods
  • Cost effective analytic solutions for queueing models of ATM networks
  • Exploiting concurrency through knowledge of event propagation in cell rate ATM simulation
  • Design of large switched networks
  • A distributed protocol for fast and robust virtual path restoration
  • Analysis of a fault-tolerant ATM switch based on a parallel architecture
  • Bypassing modelling: an investigation of entropy as a traffic descriptor in the Fairisle ATM network
  • Congestion control in an ATM LAN
  • Study of a space priority mechanism for ATM networks using both analytical and simulation techniques
  • Routing multiservice traffic in ATM networks
  • Complexity classification for performance characterization of system functions within ATM sub-networks
  • Resource dimensioning aspect of heterogeneous traffic with different service requirements: integration versus segregation
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