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ITS for Freight Logistics

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Editor: Hironao Kawashima 1
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Publication Year: 2022

The global economy requires globalized movement of goods. Freight transport operations need to be efficient, productive, safe and secure, clean and green. The use of ICT and ITS (intelligent transport systems) are addressing these challenges by developing more rapid, more reliable and more precisely timed strategies for freight transport.

This books reviews recent developments in the field of ITS for freight logistics, covering relevant technologies, applications, approaches and standards. Chapters address the following topics: introduction to mobility of goods and freight logistics; global logistics visibility; global logistics standards development for using on marine container terminals; supply chain and RFID technologies; international data exchange solutions for transport and logistics; city logistics; the UK freight and logistics sector; implementation and application; and logistics IoT in Thailand.

Written by an international team of contributors, and edited by an expert in the field, this book is aimed at students and researchers in ITS and ICT for transport applications, policy makers and practitioners such as system architects, system engineers, and managers in the freight transport industry, and anyone involved in the design, developments and implementation of new ICT and ITS technologies in the freight sector.

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