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Smart Road Infrastructure: Innovative technologies

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Editor: Runhua Guo 1
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Publication Year: 2021

Smart roads are road infrastructures with integrated structural materials, sensors, information centres, and energy systems. They are intended to extend the road's service life and performance, reduce safety risks, and improve service quality. Several smart road pilot projects have been initiated, such as precast pavements with integrated optical fibres, self-healing asphalt material, self-snow-melting systems and solar pavements. Smart roads are likely to play an important role in future sustainable transport systems and supplying data for intelligent transportation systems (ITS). This book brings together the latest research into technologies for novel and smart road infrastructures. Coverage includes road surface technologies, techniques for road-based energy harvesting, sustainable pavement approaches, informatization of the road, and use of the data gained for various cloud-based services including ITS. A systematic guide to an emerging topic, this book is aimed particularly at researchers in academia and industry, including those working for ITS providers and organizations. It will also be of use to practitioners in ITS organizations and governmental transport agencies.

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