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ICT Solutions and Digitalisation in Ports and Shipping

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Editors: Michele Fiorini 1 ; Natalie Gupta
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Publication Year: 2021

Given the volumes of global ship traffic, solutions are needed to reduce waiting times, costs, energy consumption and emissions. This systematic reference on ICT solutions and digitalisation in the ports and shipping sector covers new and existing technologies, different types of digital systems, and offers illustrative examples and case studies. Coverage includes the following topics: the global trade facilitation regulatory framework and the role of ICT; maritime ports and cybersecurity; e-navigation and shore-based monitoring systems; maritime transportation along the Northern Sea Route; smart shipping beyond e-navigation; maritime communications; emerging radiocommunication technologies in the maritime domain; a data-driven methodology for maritime patterns of life discovery; real-time information with ITS technology; digital supply chain and port information modelling (PIM); ICT innovation in port-hinterland transport services; decarbonisation technologies in shipping and the question of transition fuels; and finally the advent of shore-based navigation: from vessel traffic services (VTS) to e-navigation maritime service portfolio (MSP). The aim of this work is to examine the application of ICT solutions and digitalisation to the movement and clearance of freight at seaports globally. It provides conceptual clarity on the applicability of the different technologies and systems used for this purpose, and the relevance of such projects for different types of ports, from a trade facilitation perspective. It is therefore of particular relevance to researchers, academics, consultants, chief technology officers, and advanced students in the field of freight and logistics, especially in a maritime context. The book is also a valuable reference for anyone involved in port logistics in a managerial or operational capacity, and to port authorities.

Inspec keywords: international trade; marine navigation; mobile radio; sea ports; transportation; security of data; intelligent transportation systems; air pollution control; fuel; supply chain management; marine communication; computerised navigation; climate mitigation; computerised monitoring

Other keywords: maritime ports; e-navigation; shore-based monitoring systems; ITS technology; vessel traffic services; maritime transportation; horizontal integration tools; real-time information; port information modeling; cybersecurity; port-hinterland transport services; maritime communications; Northern Sea Route; shipping; decarbonisation technologies; transition fuels; shore-based navigation; maritime patterns of life discovery; digitalisation; global trade facilitation regulatory framework; smart shipping; data-driven methodology; digital supply chain; radio communication technologies; maritime service portfolio; ICT solutions

Subjects: Data security; Environmental issues; General and management topics; Economics; General topics in manufacturing and production engineering; Other engineering applications of IT; Traffic engineering computing; Goods distribution; Computerised instrumentation; Atmosphere (environmental science); General electrical engineering topics; Radionavigation and direction finding; Energy resources and fuels; Mobile radio systems; Marine transportation (energy utilisation); Retailing and distribution computing; Monographs, and collections

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