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ICT for Electric Vehicle Integration with the Smart Grid

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image of ICT for Electric Vehicle Integration with the Smart Grid
Editors: Nand Kishor 1 ; Jesus Fraile-Ardanuy 2
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Publication Year: 2019

Electric vehicles (EVs) offer a cleaner mode of personal transportation and a new way to store energy, but also present challenges to the grid due to additional distributed storage and load. With rising numbers of EVs on the streets, problems can include voltage limits violation or line congestion, mainly at the distribution level. All those operating devices in the grid, from network operators/managers to EVs owners, need fast communication with low latency, high security and reliability. The book addresses EVs as a driving source for realizing smart grid operation. It provides chapters from multidisciplinary academic and industry communities related to EVs charging schemes and technologies, and its associated communication, networking and information architectures. This book for researchers and practitioners provides a basis for full integration of EVs into the grid through extensive use of ICT tools in: (i) transport as energy storage system (TES) modelling, simulation and optimisation processes; (ii) vehicle on-line optimal control, estimation and prediction; (iii) energy system strategic planning with renewables; and (iv) supporting services such as those related to smart grid via smart charging.

Inspec keywords: wind power plants; energy management systems; analytic hierarchy process; smart power grids; battery powered vehicles; battery storage plants; demand side management; vehicular ad hoc networks; electric vehicle charging; frequency control; solar power stations; telecommunication computing; vehicle-to-grid; energy storage; power engineering computing; renewable energy sources; machine-to-machine communication; power markets

Other keywords: grid integration and management of EVs through machine-to-machine communication; smart grid; power-demand management in a smart grid using electric vehicles; electric buses; distributed energy storage; secondary frequency control; advanced mobility communication; multicriteria optimization of electric vehicle fleet charging and discharging schedule; vehicle-to-grid battery storage; small-size electric energy system; renewable energy integration; wind-powered charging station; V2G services; renewable generators; peer-to-peer energy market; energy management

Subjects: Energy resources and fuels; Physics literature and publications; General and management topics; Wind power plants; Frequency control; Solar power stations and photovoltaic power systems; Control of power systems and devices; Power systems; Direct energy conversion and energy storage; Power engineering computing; Energy storage; Computer networks and techniques; Energy utilisation; Communications computing; Computer communications; General electrical engineering topics; Other power stations and plants; Power transmission, distribution and supply; Transportation; Radio links and equipment; Energy resources

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