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Cybersecurity in Transport Systems

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Editor: Martin Hawley 1
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Publication Year: 2022

The role of data and information and communication technology (ICT) is growing in all areas of transport, with autonomous vehicles among the most advanced examples. This opens up opportunities for malevolent interference, such as remote-control of vehicles for criminal or terrorist purposes or interruption of increasingly interconnected transport systems. It is therefore imperative that cybersecurity is upgraded and designed into new systems.

Focusing on the management of security and the principles of security technologies in the context of transport systems, this book equips readers with an understanding of what management actions need to be taken and the sort of technologies available to defend against cyberattacks. To improve their decision making, managers need to understand how security practices and technologies work, so the book spans a range of areas: from regulations to security management, to the principles of selected technologies.

Cybersecurity in Transport Systems provides insights across multiple modes of transport, including insight from seasoned practitioners. It also addresses advances and themes in current research and the future outlook as we move to increasing digital transformation.

The book is aimed at managers in the transport sector but is widely applicable to other sectors, especially those that are safety critical. Much of the book will be useful to students considering careers in industries that rely on information technology, and to researchers in academia and industry.

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