Sliding Mode Control of Vehicle Dynamics

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image of Sliding Mode Control of Vehicle Dynamics
Editor: Antonella Ferrara
Publication Year: 2017

The control of the longitudinal, lateral and vertical dynamics of two and four-wheeled vehicles, both of conventional type as well as fully-electric, is important not only for general safety of vehicular traffic in general, but also for future automated driving. Sliding Mode Control of Vehicular Dynamics provides an overview of this important topic. Topics covered include an introduction to sliding mode control; longitudinal vehicle dynamicscontrol via sliding modes generation; sliding mode control of traction and braking in two-wheeled vehicles; lateral vehicle dynamics control via sliding modes generation; stability control of heavy vehicles; sliding mode approach in semi-active suspension control; and observer-based parameter identification for vehicle dynamics assessment. Each chapter introduces the problem formulation and a general overview of its physical aspects, provides a survey of the relevant literature on the topic, and reports on the authors' contributions to solving the control problem. The book is essential reading for researchers involved in vehicle control, from both industry and academia, as well as advanced students.

Inspec keywords: stability; variable structure systems; vehicle dynamics; observers; braking; parameter estimation; traction; road vehicles

Other keywords: sliding modes generation; vehicle dynamics assessment; braking control; semiactive suspension control; traction control; sliding mode control; observer-based parameter identification; longitudinal vehicle dynamics control; two-wheeled vehicles; heavy vehicles; lateral vehicle dynamics control; stability control

Subjects: Engineering mechanics; Simulation, modelling and identification; Transportation system control; Stability in control theory; General and management topics; Vehicle mechanics; Multivariable control systems

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