Energy Systems for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

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Editor: K. T. Chau 1
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Publication Year: 2016

Electric and hybrid vehicles have been globally identified to be the most environmental friendly road transportation. Energy Systems for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles provides comprehensive coverage of the three main energy system technologies of these vehicles - energy sources, battery charging and vehicle-to-grid systems. The book begins with a discussion of energy source systems, covering electrochemical energy sources, flywheel energy storage, hybrid energy sources, solar energy harvesting, electromagnetic energy regeneration and thermoelectric energy recovery. Then battery technologies are covered, including battery charging strategies and battery management techniques, emerging wireless charging techniques for electric vehicles and the concept of energy cryptography for secure wireless power transfer. Finally vehicle-to-X technology is discussed, embracing the vehicle-to-home, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-grid energy systems, for electric and hybrid vehicles. Combining insights from an international team of authors, this book is essential reading for researchers and advanced students developing electric/hybrid vehicles and intelligent transport systems in industry and academia.

Inspec keywords: electromagnetic waves; radiofrequency power transmission; thermoelectric conversion; electric vehicles; battery management systems; flywheels; cryptography; solar energy conversion; secondary cells; energy harvesting; power grids

Other keywords: thermoelectric energy recovery; electromagnetic energy regeneration; energy source systems; emerging wireless charging techniques; solar energy harvesting; battery management techniques; vehicle-to-grid energy systems; vehicle-to-vehicle energy systems; electrochemical energy sources; flywheel energy storage; vehicle-to-home energy systems; energy cryptography; on-board energy harvesting; hybrid energy sources; battery charging strategies; secure wireless power transfer; hybrid vehicles; electric vehicles

Subjects: Data security; Storage in mechanical energy; General electrical engineering topics; Thermoelectric conversion; General transportation (energy utilisation); Energy harvesting; General and management topics; Cryptography; Textbooks; Solar energy; Secondary cells; Direct energy conversion and energy storage; Transportation

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