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Spectrum and Network Measurements

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Author(s): Robert A. Witte 1
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Publication Year: 2001

This book covers the theory and practice of spectrum and network measurements in electronic systems. Intended for readers who have a background in electrical engineering and use spectrum or network analyzers to characterize electronic signals or systems, this classic volume successfully consolidates the pertinent theory into one comprehensive treatment of frequency domain measurements. Witte's thorough coverage of critical concepts, such as Fourier analysis, transmission lines, intermodulation distortion, signal-to-noise ratio and S-parameters enables the reader to understand the basic theory of signals and systems, relate it to measured results, and apply it when creating new designs.

Inspec keywords: spectral analysis; Fourier transforms; spectral analysers; distortion; modulation

Other keywords: pulsed waveforms; frequency domain; signal distortion; electrical engineering; instrument performance; network analysis; Fourier theory; instrument specification; reflection measurement; filtering; network measurement; electronic system; modulated signal; FFT analyzers; decibels; transmission lines; spectrum analysis; swept analyzers; network analyzers; measurement connection; spectrum analyzer; electronic signal; two port network theory; noise

Subjects: Instrumentation and measurement systems; Integral transforms; Numerical analysis; Modulation and coding methods; Signal processing and detection; General electrical engineering topics

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