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The Role of 6G and Beyond on the Road to Net-Zero Carbon

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image of The Role of 6G and Beyond on the Road to Net-Zero Carbon
Editors: Muhammad Ali Imran 1 ; Ahmad Taha 2 ; Shuja Ansari 2 ; Muhammad Usman 3 ; Qammer H. Abbasi 4
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Publication Year: 2023

In the race against climate change, the focus has turned towards achieving the 2050 net-zero carbon target. Achieving net-zero means balancing between the amount of greenhouse gas removed from the atmosphere and those produced and released. Efforts are needed on both sides to find suitable solutions to reduce released emissions and to remove current emissions from the atmosphere. A collective effort revolving around the utilisation of new technologies, particularly in wireless and mobile communications, is needed to achieve the net-zero carbon target.

The previous generations of mobile connectivity have already played a crucial role in reducing emissions through such means as smart metering and remote working. Numerous studies have highlighted how vital 5G technology is in mitigating climate change and accelerating the way to net-zero. This is due to the potential 5G technology has in bringing increasing data rates, massive machine type communication, and ultra-low latency. As 5G is rolling out, researchers are researching how the 6th generation of mobile networks (6G) will take the advantages of 5G even further.

This book focuses on the potential of 6G to further expedite the achievement of net-zero. The authors cover the latest research efforts made in utilising 6G technology to solve real societal problems and to thought provoke researchers and scientists in proposing innovative ideas on how 6G can help with the fight against climate change.

The book is geared towards researchers, engineers, scientists, technology professionals and advanced students in the fields of wireless communication, energy management, green tech and sustainability with a focus on net-zero carbon. It will also serve as an advanced textbook for postgraduate students in mobile communications and energy-related disciplines, and it will be useful to policy makers, 5G and 6G stakeholders, regulators, institutional actors and research agencies to support them in incorporating green sustainable mobile communication networks in their plans for net-zero targets.

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