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Green Communications for Energy-Efficient Wireless Systems and Networks

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image of Green Communications for Energy-Efficient Wireless Systems and Networks
Editors: Himal A. Suraweera 1 ; Jing Yang 2 ; Alessio Zappone 3 ; John Thompson 4
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Publication Year: 2020

The ICT industry is a major consumer of global energy. The energy crisis, global warming problems, dramatic growth in data traffic and the increased complexity of emerging networks are pushing academic and industry research towards the development of energy-saving and energy-efficient architectures, technologies and networks in order to reduce the carbon footprint while ensuring efficient and reliable communication networks, and environmental sustainability. Attractive solutions for the design and implementation of energy efficient wireless networks and 5G technologies include massive MIMO, non-orthogonal multiple access, and energy harvesting communications. Tools from areas such as machine and deep learning are being investigated to establish optimal approaches and understand fundamental limits. Moreover, new promising heterogeneous and decentralized network architectures and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) will have an impact on the successful implementation of future and next generation green wireless communications. The aim of this edited book is to present state-of-the art research from theory to practice, and all aspects of green communication methods and technologies for the design of next generation green wireless communication systems and networks. This advanced research title will be of interest to an audience of researchers, engineers, scientists and developers from academia and the industry working in the fields of ICTs, signal processing, networking, power and energy systems, environmental and sustainable engineering, sensing and electronics. It will also be a very useful text for lecturers, postdocs, PhD and masters students researching the design of the next generation wireless communication systems and networks.

Inspec keywords: Internet of Things; radio access networks; learning (artificial intelligence); resource allocation; telecommunication power management; energy conservation; 5G mobile communication; energy harvesting; telecommunication scheduling; renewable energy sources; neural nets; backscatter

Other keywords: coverage analysis; energy-efficient full-duplex networks; age minimization; secrecy analysis; fundamental limits; 5G networks; energy-efficient resource allocation design; scheduling resources; green communications; 5G multiple antenna systems; renewable energy; RF-powered Internet-of-Things; energy-efficient illumination; deep learning; cloud radio access networks; doubly massive MIMO millimeter wave wireless systems; energy efficiency optimization techniques; Backscatter communications; Energy-efficient design; ultralow-power IoT; energy harvesting communications

Subjects: Telecommunication systems (energy utilisation); Energy harvesting; Computer networks and techniques; General topics, engineering mathematics and materials science; Mobile radio systems; Communication, education, history, and philosophy; Energy harvesting; Knowledge engineering techniques; General and management topics; Radio access systems; Computer communications

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