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Communication Technologies for Networked Smart Cities

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Editors: Shree Krishna Sharma 1 ; Dushantha Nalin K. Jayakody 2 ; Symeon Chatzinotas 3 ; Alagan Anpalagan 4
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Publication Year: 2021

One of the crucial challenges for future smart cities is to devise a citywide network infrastructure capable of effectively guaranteeing resource-efficient and reliable communications while managing the complexity of heterogeneous devices and access technologies. This edited book highlights and showcases state of the art research and innovations in 5G and beyond wireless communications technologies for connected smart cities. The main objectives of this work include the exploration of recent advances and application potentials of various communication technologies as promising enablers for future networked smart cities, the investigation of design-specific issues for the integration of different architectural components of smart cities, and addressing various challenges and identifying opportunities in terms of interoperability of potential solutions. The book is aimed at a core and interdisciplinary audience of engineers, researchers and professionals working on smart cities concepts and supporting the integration of nextgeneration information, communication, networking and sensing technologies. It will also be a very useful ancillary for advanced students and other professionals working on nextgeneration communication networks.

Inspec keywords: cloud computing; resource allocation; telecommunication network reliability; Internet of Things; smart cities

Other keywords: data privacy; smart cities; telecommunication network reliability; 5G mobile communication; cloud computing; learning (artificial intelligence); Internet of Things; carrier transmission on power lines; resource allocation; computer network security

Subjects: General electrical engineering topics; General and management topics; Computer communications; Ubiquitous and pervasive computing; Mobile radio systems; Education and training; Computer networks and techniques; Data security

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