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The Nine Pillars of Technologies for Industry 4.0

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image of The Nine Pillars of Technologies for Industry 4.0
Editors: Wai Yie Leong 1 ; Joon Huang Chuah 2 ; Boon Tuan Tee 3
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Publication Year: 2020

Industry 4.0 refers to automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. From innovative research, challenges, solutions and strategies to real-world case studies, the aim of this edited book is to focus on the nine pillars of technology that are supporting the transition to Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing. The nine pillars include the internet of things, cloud computing, autonomous and robotics systems, big data analytics, augmented reality, cyber security, simulation, system integration, and additive manufacturing. A key role is played by the industrial IoTs and state-of-the-art technologies such as fog and edge computing, advanced data analytics, innovative data exchange models, artificial intelligence, machine learning, mobile and network technologies, robotics and sensors. This book is a useful resource for an audience of academic and industry researchers and engineers, as well as advanced students in the fields of information and communication technologies, robotics and automation, big data analytics and data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, AR/VR/ER, cybersecurity, cyber physical systems, sensing and robotics with a focus on Industry 4.0, and smart manufacturing.

Inspec keywords: rapid prototyping (industrial); computer simulation; data analysis; cloud computing; production engineering computing; three-dimensional printing; virtual reality; industrial robots; Big Data; security of data; Internet of Things

Other keywords: IIoT; deep learning; building air conditioning mechanical ventilation; Project Dragonfly; industrial robots; Industry 4.0; simulation; Internet of Things; public sector performance; IoT-based data acquisition; artificial intelligence; cloud computing; big data; cyber security; global standardisation; expert fault diagnosis system; augmented reality; lean government; lean green integration; building intelligent energy management system; 5G network; smart manufacturing; additive manufacturing; smart factories; sustainable development; solar photovoltaic panel; smart industries; system integration; face recognition; service industry; virtual reality; data acquisition monitoring system; parallel database server; trust; round-robin algorithm; SME; solar panel theft; cybersecurity; GPS tracking; big data analytics; load adjusted-load informed algorithm

Subjects: Information networks; Control applications in manufacturing processes; General topics in manufacturing and production engineering; Other manufacturing processes; General and management topics; Robotics; Internet software; Information resources and networks; Control in industrial production systems; Robotics; Production engineering computing; Ubiquitous and pervasive computing; Industrial applications of IT; Data handling techniques; Manufacturing systems; Manufacturing and industrial administration

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