Satellite Communications in the 5G Era

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Editors: Shree Krishna Sharma 1 ; Symeon Chatzinotas 2 ; Pantelis-Daniel Arapoglou 3
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Publication Year: 2018

Satellite communications (SatCom) plays a vital role in ensuring seamless access to telecommunications services anytime, and is a viable option for delivering telecommunication services in a wide range of sectors such as aeronautical, military, maritime, rescue and disaster relief. It should be an important component of 5G-and-beyond wireless architectures as it can complement terrestrial telecommunication solutions in various scenarios to provide highly reliable and secure connectivity over a wide geographical area. This book explores promising scenarios for 5G SatCom, novel paradigms for hybrid/integrated satellite-terrestrial integration, and emerging technologies for the next generation of SatCom systems. Topics covered include: Role of SatCom in the 5G Era; 5G satellite use cases and scenarios; SDN-enabled networks, NFV-based scenarios and on-board processing for satellite-terrestrial integration; EHF broadband aeronautical SatCom systems; Next-generation NGSO SatCom systems; Diversity combining and handover techniques for MEO satellites; Non-linear countermeasures for multicarrier satellites; SDN demonstrator for multi-beam satellite precoding; Beam-hopping SatCom systems; Optical on-off keying data links for LEO downlink applications; Ultra-high speed data relay systems; On-board interference detection and localization; Advanced random access schemes for SatCom systems; Interference avoidance, mitigation and dynamic spectrum sharing for hybrid satellite-terrestrial systems; and Two-way satellite relaying.

Inspec keywords: radiowave propagation; radio spectrum management; mobile satellite communication; 5G mobile communication; interference suppression

Other keywords: onboard processing systems; propagation aspects; system-level techniques; 5G SatCom; satellite communications; physical-level techniques; latency reduction techniques; integrated satellite-terrestrial systems; optical technology-based satellite systems; advanced collision-interference mitigation; spectrum sharing

Subjects: Electromagnetic compatibility and interference; Mobile radio systems; General electrical engineering topics; Satellite communication systems

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