Advances in Body-Centric Wireless Communication: Applications and state-of-the-art

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Editors: Qammer H. Abbasi 1 ; Masood Ur-Rehman 2 ; Khalid Qaraqe 1 ; Akram Alomainy 3
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Publication Year: 2016

Body centric wireless networking and communications is an emerging 4G technology for short (1-5 m) and very short (below 1 m) range communications systems, used to connect devices worn on (or in) the body, or between two people in close proximity. It has great potential for applications in healthcare delivery, entertainment, surveillance, and emergency services. This book brings together contributions from a multidisciplinary team of researchers in the field of wireless and mobile communications, signal processing and medical measurements to present the underlying theory, implementation challenges and applications of this exciting new technology. Topics covered include: diversity and cooperative communications in body area networks; ultra wideband radio channel characterisation for body-centric wireless communication; sparse characterisation of bodycentric radio channels; antenna / human body interactions in the 60 GHz band; antennas for ingestible capsule telemetry; in vivo wireless channel modelling; diversity and MIMO for efficient front-end design of body-centric wireless communications devices; on-body antennas and radio channels for GPS applications; textile substrate integrated waveguide technology for the next-generation wearable microwave systems; ultra wideband body-centric networks for localisation and motion capture application; down scaling to the nano-scale in body-centric nano-networks; and the road ahead for body-centric wireless communication and networks.

Inspec keywords: cooperative communication; wireless channels; millimetre wave antenna arrays; ultra wideband communication; biomedical telemetry; body area networks; substrate integrated waveguides; biological effects of microwaves; diversity reception; radiotelemetry; next generation networks; MIMO communication

Other keywords: next-generation wearable microwave systems; textile substrate integrated waveguide technology; in vivo wireless channel modeling; body-centric wireless communication devices; frequency 60 GHz; motion capture applications; front-end design; body area networks; ultra wideband body-centric networks; body-centric nano-networks; localisation applications; diversity communications; capsule telemetry; MIMO; ultra wideband radio channel characterisation; antenna-human body interactions; body-centric radio channel sparse characterization; cooperative communications

Subjects: Health Physics; Antenna arrays; Waveguides and microwave transmission lines; Telemetry; Radio links and equipment; General electrical engineering topics; Biomedical communication

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